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Senior Security Analyst • May 2015 – Mar 2017

Part of Global Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment and Management team. Responsible for periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing activity.

  • Enterprise Vulnerability Management.
  • Internal and External Vulnerability Management.
  • Pentration Testing Web application and Network.
  • Security Metrics for all Xerox in-scope assets.
  • Works with Xerox corporation to establish baseline inventory of in-scope assets
  • Coordinates monthly based periodic scans of in-scope Xerox assets
  • Reports out and tracks vulnerabilities across Xerox corporation.
  • Works with Xerox Corporate to prioritize vulnerabilities and drive re-mediation
  • Conducts technical research and analysis of new vulnerabilities and impact to Xerox business.
  • Leads Enterprise rapid response for high profile vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Works closely with Cyber Intel teams to proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities currently being exploited.
  • Shares vulnerability information with Secure Development and Application Security teams.
  • Prepares weekly updates focusing on program and outcome based metrics.
  • Provides technical leadership for investment projects to mature program.